Welcome to the Pause.ME. This site was created as a portal to help facilitate education, research and offer links to The Medical Pause. The revolution was started in 2009 as a response to the stressors that accompany death by healthcare providers. As a nurse,  I wanted to find a way to formally capture this moment and respectfully reintroduce an age old practice of stopping and honoring after someone dies. It is simple and not difficult. Through its simplicity it captures the complexity that accompanies our exposure to death. It is not meant to cure the uneasiness that accompanies death; it is just one tool in many to help support Resiliency. In order to care for others we must not forsake the care of ourselves. Since implementation,  ‘The Pause’ is being practiced across the United States and around the world.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. This is an inspiration. In our last semester of nursing school we are using this as part of our project idea. We we heard about this it was without a doubt something we all agreed on. One person can make changes and speak volumes, and with “The Pause” I think you have.


    • Words sometimes cannot express what one feels after experiencing something as tragic as being involved in a failed attempt to save a patient’s life. I’m sure many have walked out of a patient’s room or hospital, carrying that burden with them. I couldn’t agree with you more that “The Pause” allows us to honor that patient and gives us permission to move onto caring for the next.


  2. Jon-The Pause is a most appropriate method of caring, not only for the recently deceased patient but also for ourselves as providers. We must care for our patients and ourselves…The Pause, thanks to you, allows us to accomplish both in an appropriate, respectful, and meaningful fashion. Well done, Sir.


    • I have always thought about this and in my mind I want to say a prayer for those folks and I have. I am so proud of our Medical Community coming together in a humbling way to honer Human’s that have past.


  3. Hi Jonathan! Heard you speak yesterday at the UVA EBP conference and would love to have you come speak at Inova this Fall.


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