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  1. Thanks Johnathan for all the tender loving care you gave my sweet hubby Jimmy Foltz many years ago when he was at uva with tongue cancer. You were one of Jims favorite nurses. Thanks again for your care. I’ll never forget you. :). God bless

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  2. You are awesome, Jonathan. I am grateful that you are a member of our palliative care team. Thank you also for all you do for our School of Nursing!


  3. Simple words that speak of a simple truth. Silence binds us in a profound moment around profound losses… and allows the person to be seen through the process… and in that, allows us to move beyond the pause, to the next person in need.
    Thank you, Jonathan, for helping us to pause when we want to run, and when we need it most.
    Tim Short, MD


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  5. One of our doctors is implementing this in our ED. I am so grateful, seeing as my first experience with death occurred in the ER and it was not a pleasant one. I’d been a nurse for over three years, and never seen death. My first day in the ED ended with a full arrest that was called. Some people have very inappropriate coping mechanisms, and that was tough for me. But I am grateful that I’ve been able to reclaim that experience and I didn’t run screaming from the job I’d taken.

    Thank you for this. Blessings to you!


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